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The use of drones with LiDAR technology to obtain products such as orthophoto, DSM, DTM and contour lines is an excellent option to obtain even more accurate information about the terrain. With LiDAR technology, it is possible to obtain three-dimensional measurements of the terrain and create digital models that allow an even more detailed visualization of the terrain.

The products generated from the images collected by the drone with LiDAR technology, allow a more accurate analysis of the topography and characteristics of the vegetation, allowing a more efficient and sustainable management of vegetated areas.

In summary, the use of high-resolution orthophotos combined with LiDAR technology allows an accurate topography of vegetated areas, with the generation of products such as DSM, DTM and contour lines, which allow a more complete and accurate analysis of the terrain and vegetation. This technique is an excellent option for the planning and management of natural areas, confident for the conservation and sustainability of the environment.

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