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The benefits of Aerial Magnetometry by drones include speed and efficiency in data collection, greater operational safety, significant reduction in social impact, ability to reach areas of difficult access, accuracy in identifying magnetic anomalies and cost savings compared to traditional methods.


We are specialized in the acquisition, processing, integration and interpretation of magnetic data.


Acquisition is overseen by experienced professionals from the conventional aerial survey industry.


Processing, integration and interpretation is conducted by senior geologists-geophysicists helping clients to extract customized results from their databases.


Magnetic surveys consist of reading the terrestrial geomagnetic field along a profile or lines arranged perpendicularly to the magnetic structures or rocks to be studied.


This kind of survey is done with readings at variable distances according to the objectives, where absolute values of the geomagnetic field are measured using magnetometers.


If you are looking for an accurate and efficient magnetic mapping solution, Aerial Magnetometry by Drones is the ideal option.

Contact us for more information about our Drone Aerial Magnetometry services and how we can help you with your project.

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