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F Parameter map

F Parameter map

Parameter F (GNOJEK; PRICHYTAL, 1985) is a product that shows the relationship between the elements with greater mobility (K and U) in relation to the chemical element most related to lithology (Th). This map provides an estimate of regions prone to hydrothermalism or other transport/accumulation phenomena of material containing K and/or U in their mineral composition, and which may be associated with mineralizations of interest, such as gold, copper and iron as an for example.

The calculation of the F parameter follows the following expression: F=K*eU/eTh An analysis of the above equation allows us to conclude that, just like the ratio maps between radioelements, the F parameter is a measure of proportionality between K, eTh and eU and serves as a way to detect, in a qualitative way, regions prone to relevant accumulation of K and U. Source: Atlas aerogeofísico do estado do Ceará / Organizador Frederico Ricardo Ferreira Rodrigues de Oliveira e Sousa. – Fortaleza : CPRM, 2021.

Now that you know what the F Parameter map is and how it is used, get in touch and request a quote for your projetct.

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