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eU/K – Equivalent Uranium – Potassium Ratio

eU/K – Equivalent Uranium – Potassium Ratio

The eU/K ratio has a relevant correlation with weathering, as both elements are soluble and absorbed or adsorbed in water, but K tends to be mobilized before the U. Just as, in concentration processes secondary, K would increase in relation to U, being a relevant parameter to be observed together with other data. In this project, the region with high values ​​of eU/K is in the same regions present in the previous map (eTh/K). Here, we can see greater evidence of linear trends with a NE-SW direction.

Now that you know what thee U/K – Equivalent Uranium – Potassium Ratiomap is and how it is used, get in touch and request a quote for your projetct.

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