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Reduce to Pole (tmi_RtP)

Updated: Apr 11

reduced to the pole (RTP)

The reduction-to-pole transforms magnetic anomalies resulting from the inclined magnetism of non polar regions into their equivalent polar response where a body’s magnetism is vertical (where the inclination is 90°). Units: nT

The reduction-to-the-pole process recalculates the observed magnetic field to what it would look like at the north or south magnetic pole, where the Earth's magnetic inclination is vertical. It theoretically removes the asymmetry of the TMI anomaly and places the peak response directly over the magnetic bodies. In practice it can result in artefacts, particularly if remanence is present. It can also be misleading / unstable for N-S striking bodies in low-latitude environments.

Now that you know what the TMI_RTP map is and how it is used, get in touch and request a quote for your projetct.

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