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Total Magnetic Intensity (tmi)

Updated: Apr 11

total magnetic intensity

TMI - total field strength, is the resultant, or vector sum of the vertical and the two horizontal components of the field.

Raw' data as measured in field, at a specific time and location (including height), in the presence of the Earth's local magnetic field. Provides an overview of the magnetic signature of a particular area before any enhancement filtering.

Depending on the magnetic inclination, the TMI data can present dipolar responses over magnetic bodies.

TMI - Total Magnetic Intensity – STACKED PROFILES

The stacked profiles can be better visualized in Google Earth as individual lines to help interpretation of bed inclination an anomalies profiles/asymmetries (right image).

Now that you know what the CMA map is and how it is used, get in touch and request a quote for your projetct.

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